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All compressed air carries dirt, water and
contaminates and if let untreated can
damage downstream equipment and in
some cases can be hazardous where
breathing, dental, medical, food and
pharmaceuticals are the application.


A full range available including medical,
dental, sterile, breathing air, food and


We stock a full range of dryers for any application
including refrigeration, membrane, heated and
heatless desiccant types.

Oil free aplications

We supply totally oil free compressors and can offer a solution which will not require such a large capital expenditure.

Air Quality Testing

We can carry out this on a one off or contracted basis and provide certification required.

UK Calibrations

Systems and equipment specifically for use in mobile situations...

On-Board Power

On Board Power has been developing power for working vehicles for over 20 years...

Vehicle Installations

Specialist compressed air systems & equipment specifically for use in mobile situations