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Typically 75% of your lifetime costs of running a compressed air system are energy.

What can you do to reduce energy costs?

Energy Audit - To make any decisions you must first measure, by measuring and analyzing your compressed air system you can make decisions based on the report presented. Our Audits will give you the cost of productive and non productive air usage, total running cost, air leakage costs and running pressures.

Why have an energy Audit?

Presure - Every drop in overall pressure by 1 bar gives a saving of 10.5%.

Control - Lots of compressed air systems with more than one compressor are not controlled correctly, by introducing a management system compressors can be controlled by matching demand to generation lowering overall pressure and non productive air usage.

Air Leakage - All systems have air leakage which once measured and costs calculated can be tackled with our ultrasonic leak detection and tagging program. Cost of the leakage repair program can be measured against the cost of energy of the leakage.

Non productive energy - All compressors that are not variable speed give either 0% or 100% output and as most production demands are variable this leads to "non productive air usage". This is the compressor motor turning and using energy without producing any air. By introducing a variable speed drive either as a new compressor or a retro fit to your existing compressor will give excellent savings. The measurement of non productive usage in the audit gives you the payback time of introducing such measures.

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