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Maintenance contracts

Choose from a simple no ties service
contract to a total cover 24 hour 7 day.

Bearing monitoring

Condition reporting on motor and air
end bearings either on a schedule bases
or a permanently fixed installation to give
constant performance data.

Analysis and visualization service

As an enhancement to your maintenance
contract we can manage your system from our
office with real time data logging and analysis.

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging detection and reporting to enable faults to be
detected in their early stages.

Leakage detection

A full leak detection and repair programmed can be carried out with our ultrasonic leak detection and tagging program.

Compressed Air Service Maintenance & Monitoring

UK Calibrations

Systems and equipment specifically for use in mobile situations...

On-Board Power

On Board Power has been developing power for working vehicles for over 20 years...

Vehicle Installations

Specialist compressed air systems & equipment specifically for use in mobile situations